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[ep83] mc hyuk

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Ken’s #1 fanboy, Seyong.

VIXX’s masterpieces

LOL! Taekwoon please ~


Hello Starlights! This is the ST★FF.

The news of VIXX’s comeback through a Friday article!
This is the notice regarding the release of VIXX’s album that many Starlights have been waiting for. ^ ^

VIXX 2nd Mini Album
Album/Online Release
12AM Tuesday October 14

Please anticipate and support the VIXX members who will comeback with an even better image.
Thank you.

Source: Fancafe
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

Boy group VIXX who is riding on the uptrend has confirmed their comeback in October, aiming to enter the top class.

On the 25th, according to a broadcast official VIXX confirmed their comeback for October 14th, and are currently organizing their schedule for comeback promotions in the third…

Oww ~ Sweetie!

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安小橙 | do not edit. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Lulu baby ~ Don’t cry T.T

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I love this, I love you Sylvie ♥ #GoldenBoy #Novel

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Hey! I'm Aina Syafiqa. Going to be 20 soon. I'm a fan of INFINITE, EXO and VIXX ~ follow me on twitter @harmie94

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